Oblik Atelier’s ideology highlights centuries-old metalsmithing processes by creating timeless, sculptural jewelry pieces. As an artist and alchemist, creative director Mia Hebib  seeks to purify, develop, and perfect each object that she creates. The language of design is a continuous metamorphosis of rigid material into fluid and sculptural forms. Her jewelry forges a conversation between art and fashion. Experience the feeling of luxury as each piece conforms to your body.

Mia welcomes you to join her on a creative journey. She shares the physicality of making: the materials, the tools, the grit and the non-linear creative process.  Through sharing, she connects you to her work and invites you in as part of the process. You witness the transformation of raw, industrial material into sinuous, timeless wearable art. These are pieces to save for and covet - pieces that will become conversation topics in your collection. You will flaunt your Oblik Atelier with the pride of an heirloom, invested in with longevity in mind. 

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